Challenge yourself, have fun and help us make a difference.

If you would like to raise funds for African Charity, but need some inspiration, you have come to the right place! Whether you want to carry out a quick and easy fundraising activity, raise funds with your friends, classmates or work colleagues, take on a personal active challenge or set up your very own African event, we are here to help.

Fundraising is not just about making money! Whether you are looking to conquer a fear, organise a get-together or add another skill or achievement to your CV, you can tailor your fundraising event to make a positive impact upon your life!

Every child deserves a safe and happy childhood. But there are still millions of children in Tanzania and Africa who grow up without the basics.

That’s why we are grateful to all of our amazing supporters who fundraise for us, attend events and hold their own events to support our programmes. Whether it’s riding across the country on a bicycle, hosting a morning tea or running a marathon, we have lots of great ways for you to get involved:

  • Charity Bake Sales – This is always a popular choice with a huge range of baking recipes and designs to chose from!
  • Charity Plant Sales – Growing your own plants and selling them for charity is also a fun and cost-effective way to raise money.
  • Donate Items to African Shops – From clothes to electrics and bric-brac, why not clear out any unwanted items?
  • Making Charity Cards and Crafts – We all love to buy and sell arts and crafts! Get creative and set up a stall at your local fair.
  • Sell on eBay – Sell items on behalf of a Local Business or Community hire in Tanzania
  • Hairy Challenges – Not for the faint-hearted, why not dare your friends to participate in a sponsored “wax, grow or dye challenge” for Africa?
  • Sponsor me to… – Your colleagues could sponsor you to do a job swop, a sponsored silence or even make coffee for the entire office.
  • Sports Tournaments – Inter-office or inter-business sports tournaments can be great fundraising and team-building exercises, e.g. five-a-side football or touch rugby.
  • Distance Running – From 5k Races to Ultra-Marathons, you pick the distance and your friends sponsor you to complete it.
  • Cycling – Organise or participate in a sponsored cycle.
  • Mountain Climbing – Scale the 3 peaks of the UK, Kilimanjaro or even Everest for an unforgettable challenge.
  • Distance Swimming – Set yourself a distance target in your local pool or join a local or national swimming event.

Got a great idea for a fundraising event of your own? Our supporters come up with many unique ideas! No matter how big or small your idea, we want to hear from you and help you organise the ultimate fundraising event!

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