Lake Bunyonyi National Park

Lake Bunyonyi commonly known as a place of many little birds is one of the peaceful, loveliest and magical lakes in Uganda. L. Bunyonyi has attracted a lot of visitors all over the world especially the bird watchers and clear waters that are crocodile and hippo free that enable travelers to swim. Lake Bunyonyi’s boat rides are adventurous and give you the perfect view of the site.

The Lake is one of the smallest lakes in Uganda and it is found the south western part of Uganda between Kibale district and Kisoro district near the border of Rwanda and Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi stretches about 25km in length and 7km in width while the depth is anticipated to be around 44m. Lake Bunyonyi is among the most beloved destinations to visit in the pearl of Africa. This is due to the Lake’s natural setup such as the green terraced height that reaches a height of about 2,478m. The most spectacular scenery of this Lake is the presence of the 29 islands of various area sizes that are scattered all over the waters of Bunyonyi. In the morning, the atmosphere is filled with cotton-like streams of mist and in the afternoon get to have a warm glow of the sun.

Activities at the Lake

Swimming: The waters of Lake Bunyonyi have no dangers of hippos and crocodiles plus dangers of bilharzia cannot be found in this lake making it available for swimming by tourists that want to relax and making it fun to swim in the fresh waters of the wildness.

Boat cruise and canoeing: This is one of the activities you don’t want to miss when you visit the Lake. Boat Cruise gives you an experience of calmness and quietness and the tranquility of Lake Bunyonyi. It is much thrilling during canoeing at night while listening to the cricket sounds plus the frogs that make it an exciting and memorable experience.

Bird watching: As the name states “the place of many little birds”, Lake Bunyonyi is filled with a variety of bird species, over 200 bird species can be viewed at Lake Bunyonyi. Nyombi swamp is home to a great number of them and all you need is a boat ride to the place to have a spectacular view of the birds. The birds include the local birds such as Grey Crowned Crane, Herons, the levillant cuckoo, Harrier hawk white tailed blue Monard, and the cardinal woodpecker among others and those that come from Europe when it is winter days in Europe.

Nature walks and cycling: Tourists can walk freely on the shores of the Lake while having a panoramic view of the islands while listening to the pleasant sounds of the birds and the fresh breeze of Lake Bunyonyi and the community around. On the other cycling is also much possible on the trails of the islands of Lake Bunyonyi.

Cultural tours:  Many cultural insights can be found on the Lake such as the Bakora cave, the Batwa people along with their traditional customs and the Abaheesi who are the traditional smiths. Most of the cultural performances happen to be more memorable and exciting to the tourists. Learning about the cultural past of these communities is an opportunity you can get when you visit Lake Bunyonyi.



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