Victoria Falls – The world’s largest waterfall

Victoria Falls, spectacular waterfall located about midway along the course of the Zambezi River, at the border between Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the south. Approximately twice as wide and twice as deep as Niagara Falls, the waterfall spans the entire breadth of the Zambezi River at one of its widest points (more than 5,500 feet [1,700 metres]). At the falls, the river plunges over a sheer precipice to a maximum drop of 355 feet (108 metres). The falls’ mean flow is almost 33,000 cubic feet (935 cubic metres) per second.

Victoria Falls Highlights:

Victoria Falls is the highlight of the national park.  It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Statistically speaking, it is the world’s largest waterfall and one of the most aesthetically beautiful falls as well.  Iguazu Falls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil is the largest waterfall complex, but Victoria Falls is the largest single sheet waterfall.

It is imperative that you leverage the microlites or a helicopter and get an aerial view of the falls.  This is one of the best ways to capture the grandeur of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls National Park Trails

Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side is well paved and fairly accessible.  There are some stairs, but apart from that just follow the path.  There are no trails in the wilderness part of the park.  This is accessed by a vehicle as you drive through the park with a chance to see wildlife as well as the protected enormous balboa tree.

You can navigate the paved-trail fairly quickly, but you should probably allow for a couple of hours to really take in the falls, which are the reason that you came.  Looking up the gorge and along the face of the falls is one of the most impressive views which is delivered along this trail.  More than likely, you will see more than one rainbow hovering over the canyon.

There are guided walking safaris that allow you to explore the region on foot, but these are experiences are not really on traditional trails.


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