You’ll depart from Nairobi after breakfast and begin the long drive south to the Maasai Mara.

Stopping along the way to take in the stunning view of the Great Rift Valley, you’ll arrive at the park in time for lunch at your Camp before enjoying an afternoon game drive through the iconic park. Home to the entirety of the Big Five, the Maasai Mara also plays host to the Wildebeest Migration each year and makes for a stunning backdrop for your first day of safari.

Dinner and Overnight at Amani Mara Camp

Wake before the dawn for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a Maasai Mara sunrise. After a quick cup of coffee, you’ll head out into the park to watch as the sun sets fire to the savannah and the big cats take advantage of the morning cool to search for a meal.

Alternatively, you can take to the skies with a hot air balloon safari that will see you soar above all of the action before setting down on the plains for a champagne breakfast among the wildlife. Ask your safari expert about adding a hot air balloon adventure to your safari.

You’ll then return to your lodge for a late breakfast before packing a picnic lunch and heading back out into the park for a day-long exploration of the Maasai Mara. You may also opt to relax at your lodge in the morning, enjoy lunch on site, and then head out again in the afternoon once the weather has cooled off a bit.

Dinner and Overnight at Amani Mara Camp

You’ll start your day with an early breakfast ahead of the long drive across to Lake Naivasha.

You’ll arrive on the shores of this picturesque lake in time for lunch at your lodge, and will then have the opportunity to take a guided boat tour out onto the lake to see the abundance of wildlife that calls it shores home.

Dinner and Overnight at Lake Naivasha Country Club


                                    WALK WITH WILDLIFE

After Early Breakfast, you will drive to Crescent Island at about 7 am. You will proceed with a Walking Safari with up close wildlife. This is one of the moments you don’t want to miss on this tour

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary boasts more animals per acre. You are certain to trek by diverse herds of wildlife – wildebeest, waterbuck, zebra, giraffe and gazelle amongst them.

A visit to Crescent Island to walk among the herbivores who call it home will round out your day, giving you the chance to see giraffes, zebras, and other animals up close without fear of predators.

This Walking Safari is like no other, This immersive and the real experience to see Wildlife a short distance away is the most exhilarating experience you will have today. You will walk past Giraffes or Antelopes and learn how to walk when you’re up close walking past the wildlife. This will be a refreshing once in a life time experience. This is one moment that you will live to tell the Safari experience. You will enough time to spend on this adventure to spot and come up close with wildlife.

We will proceed to Hells Gate National Park at around half 10 or 11 am.

While Hell’s Gate is known primarily for its landscape, there is still game to be spotted within the park. Buffalo and antelopes are especially common sights, and the park is also home to a variety of birds. There are no predators or dangerous large game in the park.

You will have a chance to have Picnic Lunch during your tour.

Your tour includes a Cycling Safari and you’ll trade your safari vehicle for a bike to begin your journey through the park. When on the bicycle tour, Your Driver Guide will be right behind you with your Vehicle in case you get tired on the way. You will have the chance to spot Wildlife during your bike tour

From here, you’ve got a long but scenic ride to the famous Hell’s Gate Gorge – where you can walk and climb your way through the distinctive terrain that helped inspire Disney’s famous The Lion King.

After your fun afternoon of Exploration, you will drive back to Nairobi

Dinner and Overnight can be booked additionally in Nairobi on top of this Package

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