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We are looking for travel agents to represent us and our services within a specific location within your country.

About Africa Tourism.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it generates a lot of jobs in Africa. Increase of disposable income has lead to the growth of tourism.

Who is a travel Agent?

Travel Agent is a person whose job it is to arrange travel for end clients (individuals, groups, corporations) on behalf of suppliers.

Travel Agent may also concentrate in a special segment of the field; many agents specialize in leisure travel, business trips, or location-specific journeys to Europe, Africa, or Asia.

Responsibilities and Duties of a travel agent.

  1. promoting and marketing the business
  2. dealing with customer queries and complaints
  3. providing advice about visas or passports
  4. recruiting, training and supervising staff
  5. managing budgets
  6. maintaining statistical and financial records
  7. planning
  8. selling holidays and insurance
  9. meeting profit or sales targets
  10. preparing promotional materials and displays.

Why travel Agent is important to Clients?

  1. Time Saving-Research time is saved as you can get all information needed from an agent.
  2. Less Costly-With the use of frequently bookings from flights/accommodations and tours by an agent you’ll get better rates compared to booking engines.
  3. Expert Guidance – Experienced knowledge…….
  4. 24/7 Customer Care-Quick problem solving methods due to experience and good relationship with other suppliers on the ground.
  5. Stress free-Travel agent helps you to enjoy your holiday and makes you not to worry about anything else.

Our Services!

  1. Safari
  2. Trekking
  3. Beach holiday
  4. Destination Wedding

Why become our travel agent?

  1. Variety of Services offered
  2. Unbeatable Commission (extra income)
  3. 24/7 Help desk
  4. Free travel opportunities
  5. Free marketing tips and tools
  6. Reliable Services
  7. Experienced Supplier
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Become a Travel Agent
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